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Or you may switch between versions of your files for experimental features.

The process of creating different versions (snapshots) in the repository is depicted in the following graphic.

You can avoid these complex arrangements of, and circular references to, auto-generated values in a single update message by sending multiple, consecutive updates instead.

When processing each individual object, the software makes many checks including that: If all checks are passed, the update will be successful for this object.

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When an update message contains multiple objects, the order of processing the objects in the message only changes in specific situations.

If the connection has timed out or been closed, no acknowledgement is sent.

If an object that references a value ‘AUTO-1’ is listed in the update message before the object where the value ‘AUTO-1’ is generated, the ordering will be changed.In fact, this time around, it’s doing it with great vigor.Which explains why this method works only fori Phone 4.For example if a person object creation fails, a later object creation which references this person object will fail the referential integrity checks because the person object does not exist in the database.After the software finishes processing all the objects in the update message, an acknowledgement message is returned to the sender of the original update.

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They both need to create a real value for an ‘auto-n’ tag.

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