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KC: If I saw Lauren today we would go up to one another, we would hug, we would ask how each other is doing.

It's been a while, but the last few times I've seen her we've given each other hugs and it's been great.

KC: I missed my 10-year high school reunion because it was literally, I think, four days after I had my daughter.

I was SO upset about that; I was really looking forward to it.

You missed your 10-year high school reunion because you had just given birth to your daughter.

Is there anyone from Laguna Beach that you want to catch up with?

It was more just "talk about this." Whereas in The Hills, they would text us exactly what to say. Did MTV ever approach you to star in your own spin-off before you signed on to do The Hills?

You and Lauren were constantly shading each other behind each other's backs on Laguna Beach. KC: MTV didn't come to me to star in my own reality show but they came to me to go on The Hills numerous times.

If you ran into Lauren today, what would that interaction be like?

KC: My dad and Lauren's dad worked together and they were friendly.

They definitely went to dinner a few times and stuff, which is sort of funny that we had this big feud.

Given the infamous series finale of The Hills, we all know the show was heavily produced. Were there ever situations that the producers created just for the show?

Kristin Cavallari: Laguna Beach was definitely not as manufactured as The Hills was for me.

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