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“Right now, it’s just words, but if the Blood and Soil or the Vanguards of America, approach you violently, call me first because I’m coming…. As soon as they start threatening physical harm, I’m going to be there to stop it because I don’t agree with it because posters is one thing, but acting on it is different,” said Sheffield. 1, the website, Vanguard America what it called “The Texan Offensive,” which it described as effort to distribute their posters on the campuses of Texas State University, Rice University, the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Dallas, Collin College, Abilene Christian University. The term ‘blood and soil’ is an ideology that was popularized in Nazi Germany, where it was ‘blut und boden.’ According to The History Learning Site, “Belief in ‘blood and soil’ was not unique to the Nazis.

On Sunday morning, multiple racist flyers titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men” were found on Southern Methodist University’s Dallas campus.

“Tarleton’s campus since I’ve been here has always been so civil — more or less, outside of a few incidents– this isn’t a problem,” he said.

Quanecia Fraser — Editor-in-chief Flyers from a white nationalist group were dispersed without approval at Tarleton State University during spring break.

The flyers found outside of the Fine Arts building can be found on Vanguard America’s website,

It goes against everything that I’ve experienced here, over the course of almost four years now.” Sheffield also says that the flyers do no not adhere to Tarleton’s core values, specifically the value of civility.

“It does reflect poorly on Tarleton’s core values- one being civility.

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Adding to the surge in election-related hate crime and harassment after Donald Trump won last week’s presidential election, the handout lists reasons like “He’s much more likely to abuse you” and “Your kids probably won’t be smart.” Posted in two residence-hall stairways, the flyer notes “horrific and sadly predictable” crime stories involving interracial couples as “evidence” before closing as alt-right propaganda: “Take the Red Pill and meet the Alt-Right at Radix,” the last line reads, referring to the white-nationalist blog run by Richard Spencer.

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