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Tinder offers an extremely user-friendly platform that has become very popular very quickly thanks to its fast and convenient design.And although Tinder has proven successful for a lot of couples who were looking for love, this platform is based primarily on attraction rather than personality traits and long-term compatibility.If you want to streamline the registration process as much as possible for the user, and most importantly, fulfil the main objective of online dating – to find matches that really matter – embracing big data and text analytics is crucial.Websites need to move away from relying on inaccurate resources and lengthy questionnaires, and focus on embracing technology and big data capabilities in order to move with the times.In the digital age, this method is no longer efficient, especially considering the pace of many young dater’s lives.This is an issue that Tinder identified and addressed by presenting users with a brief profile and two options: swipe right if they like the look of a person or swipe left if they don’t.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

But where does this insight come from and is it really reliable?But when it comes to the success of modern dating websites, a personalised approach is essential, especially when you consider that there are around 8,000 competitors worldwide.Personalisation allows companies to really get to know their customers, and this is arguably the most important element in the online dating world.The majority of dating sites still aren’t delving beyond these basic indications of personality and whilst this method of questioning and social media influence has led to successful results in the past, it can be improved even further to avoid users going through lengthy registration processes increase the chances of matching the perfect couple.It is possible for users to avoid the time-consuming questionnaires all together and still get the same tailored service.

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Typically, dating sites gather such information through questionnaires in an attempt to identify a perfect partner for each user.

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