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You're the sorceress to my wizardry but our spells don't always work on each other.

To Nico, being sexually fluid “means I do whatever I want whenever I want it. ” “I think we just kind of have to take the weight off of it a little bit,” Nico added. There’s a lot of crazy stuff happening, but I still love where we live.

Every time I hear Dashboard Confessional, I think about you. Then, I moved out of the house and met the main event herself, butthead Bethany. You took care of the monster and fed the man all at the same time. And to Lindsay, the one who showed me the other side, long nights, and how to be afraid. You taught me about past lives and the value of time.

You taught me about sweat lodges and the secret of escaping. You are in my thoughts and dreams and prayers forever. We connected on an ethereal level and I'm sure we will meet again. You taught me how to be a fearless warrior, a glammed-out princess goddess. And to Sutton, the one I get to play make-believe with on TV.

Related: “America’s Next Top Model” Hottie Comes Out As “Sexually Fluid” Like Nico Tortorella, who plays Sutton Foster’s younger boyfriend on TV Land’s a bit confused.

I’m not trying to redefine sexuality or humanity or say that my answer is right and yours is wrong. I am driven by love and I have been in love with a handful of different people, men and women.

Without these women, I wouldn't know how good it feels to stay in when it's raining and to really appreciate the sound the wind makes.

You taught me self-sacrifice and the importance of family. To my aunt, Irene, who taught me how to learn and showed me how to teach. And also for taking me to the hospital when I swallowed a bottle cap playing a drinking game. You're the girl with the ripped jeans, a paintbrush, and big city dreams. You taught me how to get shit for free and the proper way to eat fontanella.

This is a reminder that no matter how briefly you're in someone's life, you can change them for the better. You're someone I can tell my secrets to and someone who tells me hers. When you came storming into preschool in a nightgown and rollers, barefoot, screaming at my principal, I knew I was gonna grow up to be just like you.

“We’re family,” he says, though they shrink away from “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” labels. There’s this one person you’re searching to find, so the idea of finding a stability partner, and having other things on top of that, feels too messy.” As for sex, Nico basically says that’s no one’s business but their own.

Related: For The Record, Nico Tortorella Is Bisexual, Not “Sexually Fluid” Bethany adds, “I think we’re raised with this idea that you’re supposed to go and find ‘the one,’ especially women. “We need to get our head out of that place,” he says.

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28-year-old Tortorella, who identifies as pansexual, talks about his 11 year polyamorous relationship with Bethany Meyers, a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, who identifies as gay (“I know more women who call themselves gay than they call themselves lesbian,” she says.) Related: ‘Sexually Fluid’ Nico Tortorella Asked Whether It’s Harder To Date Men Or Women. “I think the way I use the word fluidity is like fluid in everything, fluid in train of thought,” Nico explains. The one thing anybody can talk about, no matter race, religion, sexuality or gender, is love.” “I can be emotionally, physically attracted to men.

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