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As a result, an increasing number of viewers have to scroll down the list to find BBC One HD and ITV HD in England on Sky and Freesat, whereas in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, BBC Two HD is effectively demoted.Sky as well as newspapers hostile to the BBC have objected to the legislative update.

Some channels just don't update properly so for example this morning Nat Geo had Python Hunters listed but changing channels to it show that it some shopping preview channel.Also, if I decide to watch something to catch up on and there are several episodes of the show in question will the box 'decide' I want to watch them all even if I don't want to?Or this only happens with the "Download All" option.Just to confirm, this "next episode" green button malarky only relates to Boxed Sets and won't impact viewing of recorded programmes, ie.if I have a few episodes to catch up on that have been recorded over the weeks these won't get the message popping up?

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